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Berkley split bowl

This wedge is adjustable from 0 to a full 8 degrees and will fit most split bowl applications. We will include 3 gaskets and instructions with the wedge. For other cool parts and close out specials check out fatboysh2o. We accept cash upon local pick up, credit cards and Paypal. Check out my other items! Chrysler has ordered 93 first-generation Dodge Vipers to be crushed, including what is believed to be the fourth Viper ever made. Automakers regularly donate unsellable non-street legal vehicles to automotive-engineering programs at colleges and universities, reserving the right to order the vehicles destroyed for insurance purposes.

Chevrolet and GMC are hoping to take advantage of that disparity by offering bi-fuel heavy-duty pickups for fleet and retail customers beginning on April 19, the day before Earth Day. The new model gets a gentle refresh including new LED lights and a restyled grille, bumper and splitter. Location: Mesa, Arizona, United States. Condition: New Brand: fatboysh2o. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.Use 90 wt.

You may notice after a while that the bowl bearing area is full of water and not oil. This is a satisfactory condition, it is best to keep full of oil as water will leak past the seal, except that this water could cause structural damage to the bowl if permitted to freeze.

For winterizing always re-fill with oil before lay-up of the boat. Both oil and or water will both lube and cool the tail shaft bushing at higher rpm levels. The bowl seal is more designed to keep the water out than the oil in as it is installed towards the pressure of the water. The seal will keep the oil or water mixture in the bowl area when the boat hauled out of the water as well.

The packing gland can be tightened so no water leaks past it, but if it is set up too tight it will overheat and the packing materials useful life will be shortened. If the gland is permitted to leak too much at low speeds the pump could suck air back into the suction piece causing poor acceleration and low speed thrust. So you can see that the gland adjustment is important to the operation of the jet drive.

Berkeley Jet Drive - Nozzle Wedges

The correct adjustments should be about 1 drop of water per minute at idle leaking past the packing gland. Both of the adjustment nuts should be tightened or loosened equally as to avoid breaking the aluminum packing follower. Grease thrust bearing every 2 months or hours of operation.

A Berkeley pump can be run out of the water as it has a greased thrust bearing and lubricated tailshaft bushings. The impeller does not touch the wear ring, but due to the fact that the bottom of the pump is open during trailering the boat, it is best to run water into the pump through the nozzle while running on the trailer. The only issues with running out of the water is that after about 15 to 20 minutes the bowl seal can get hot from lack of cooling and cause seal damage. The packing gland may have to be re-tightened when the boat is used the next time as well.

Your Account. Shopping Cart 0. Back to Parent Category. Berkeley Replacement Parts. Bowl Stuffer Plates. Cable Seals and Connection Kits.We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, and marine exhaust systems and silencers, including products such as our impellers, bowls, place diverters, rudders, intakes, and shoe and ride plates.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and contact us today for all your needs. Don't See what you are looking for???

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Visit our new easy to order shopping cart at JetPumpParts. Droop snoots, race nozzles, and extensions housings.

berkley split bowl

Bowl Cap Billet Bowl end cap. Colors may vary. Fits Berkeley Pumps only.

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Manufactured from t-6 Billet Aluminum. This kit provides the freedom of instant control with the push of the lever. Each kit comes complete with a Floor or Stringer mount control and a 14' 15' or 16' Cable. Made of aluminum. Conversion Kits Jacuzzi Energizer Kit. The kit is designed to convert your old style Jacuzzi pump to a much more efficient American Turbine style pump. Also there are many aftermarket parts available for the energizer kits that are not produced for the original Jacuzzi.

Plastic Insulator Designed to effectively hold the wear ring in place. Aluminum Berkeley Stainless Steel Berkeley.

Click here for Impeller Selection Chart. Impeller Billet Machined For winning performance every detail counts. Available in Aluminum steel- Or Stainless. Both the cross and the caps are special high strength chrome steel.

Berkeley Dominator Amercan Turbine jet pump split bowl nozzle gasket S10870

All parts are heat treated for maximum strength. All components are designed and manufactured to strict tolerances for maximum accuracy in balance and even distribution of stress loads.

berkley split bowl

All include a lubrication fitting and are as strong as, or stronger than, competitive U-joints without a fitting. For most jet drives. American Turbine 9. Register Ring Adapter ring, 9. Bowls Grease Lube Assembly To repair worn or freeze damaged bowls.You will find an identification tag attached to the pump next to the thrust bearing grease fitting. This tag will be stamped with the pumps model number. Use the tests below if the tag is missing or unreadable.

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Procedures Because the four Berkeley models are so similar, only one set of procedures is presented in this manual. Removing the Transom Assembly - Watch the Video. Installing the Steering Tube - Watch the Video. Shopping Cart 0.

Installing a Bowl Stuffer in a Berkeley Jet Drive

See us on:. Is your boat in the gallery? Image Gallery. What's on sale today? Sale Specials. What are you looking for Today? Need Help? Call Categories. Here is the beginning of this project, we will be adding more articles as time permits. Model Identification The most popular models are as follows: You will find an identification tag attached to the pump next to the thrust bearing grease fitting. If servicing Model 12JF, remove the steering cable from the side of the gimbal ring.

Slide the plastic collar back on the steering cable. Back off the packing nut from the threaded steering tube, and then pry the grommet free. Pull the steering cable back into the boat through the transom adapter. Some models do not have the transom adapter, but it is still necessary to pull the cable back into the boat.

berkley split bowl

Slide the top of the safety clip free of the reverse cable. Remove the safety clip from the hole in the lower bolt, as shown. Withdraw the bolt from the reverse cable end. Pull the reverse cable up and clear of the reverse gate swivel pin. Remove the swivel pin and two split nyliner bushings from the reverse gate arm.Back and Better than ever The Rooster Booster!

difference between a berkley split bowl and a regular bowl?????

These units are the perfect enhancement for any Berkeley style split bowl jet drive. With 8 degrees of positive propulsion angle built in and a smooth velocity transition from the bowl to the nozzle. Manufactured from T Aluminum and white powder coated finish. This bolt kit is used for new droop snoot installations that include a 2 or 4 degree wedge. The comes with all stainless hardware, nozzle gaskets and everything else you need to do the job right.

Shopping Cart 0. Berkeley Jet Drive - Nozzle Wedges. Back to Parent Category. Your Price:. More Info. These wedges allow for incremental changes to the handling character of your boat. The wedge can be turned downward to fix a porpoising problem or upward to free boat up that rides wet.

Fits most Berkeley, American Turbine, Legend Pumps, double check the size of your nozzle flange with specs below. Double drilled can be used with 8 or 16 bolt installs. Berkeley Nozzle Gasket SD. Double Drilled Nozzle Gasket This gasket is double drilled for use with jet pump nozzle wedges.

Rooster Booster 8 Degree Wedge Wedge Bolt Kit Wedge Bolt Kit This bolt kit is used for new droop snoot installations that include a 2 or 4 degree wedge.Remember Me?

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What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Berkeley JE versus Split bowl pumps. I do know the difference between the split bowls and one piece bowls. I also know one advantage the split bowl has over the one piece, that being the ability to install a wedge or drop snoot. Other than those two mods, are there any advantages for using the earlier design two piece bowls?

berkley split bowl

Can one install a two piece bowl in a later JE series pump? Or should I just leave my JE series alone, and eventually pay for some custom work ie. I have replaced the original cable driven Jet-o-vator with a hydraulic Place diverter assy.

Thanks, Ivan. You see split bowls for sale on the boards occasionally. It is not a direct bolt on replacement however. You will also need to change the steering and shift cable arrangement to the more common configuration for the split bowl.

You also will not be able to use the place nozzle from the E pump on a split bowl,but I think you can keep the hydraulic stuff though. Maybe place will let you trade up to the nozzle you need. Hope this helps. Thanks TaylorLP20, I've read several threads in here on this subject, but you explained exactly what I wanted to know.

I am currently contemplating some improvements this spring on my 18' Taylor. One of which could be swaping out the bowel, now I know more about what it will impact on other items steering, diverter.

Could be more expensive than I previously thought. Thanks for the heads-up. Did you hang on to the old cable driven? They can give you a better idea what costs are involved with the swap. My opinion is if you have a place diverter already, you might get more bang for the buck by having one of the above guys do a number on your pump.

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But at least it did help defray the cost of the rental vehicle that I used to tow my boat with back to Memphis. By the way, thanks for all the help Haven't gotten my motor back together waiting for head bolts but I did notice that some of the head bolts were very corroded, which leads me to believe that water was leaking around there some how??

As soon as it goes back together and I run it, I'll let you know. I'm also contemplating the addition of a new oil pan, but damn, they're expensive!!!New posts Latest activity Log in Register.

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Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. Forums Information Station Just Jets. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Split bowl vs Non split bowl. Thread starter farmo83 Start date Oct 7, Joined Jun 9, Messages 1, Reaction score So whats the difference between the two minus the one letter after the J?

What are the performance differences?

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