Category: Statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of candela

Statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of candela

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Physical activity to overcome the adversity of widowhood

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statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of candela

Access to piped water. Energy source for lighting.By analysing data stolen and released by the hackers, statistical boffins have pinned down the shared characteristics of the men who used the matchmaking website. The strong effect of income indicated it is the primary driver behind Ashley Madison usership, suggesting relatively affluent individuals are willing to pay to minimise the social risk of infidelity. The analysis supported past findings that older married couples are less likely to engage in infidelity because they have managed to maintain their marriages, or are the result of better-suited remarriages, while younger couples are more likely to cheat due to inexperience dealing with turmoil as a couple and the stress of young and dependent children.

However, younger people's greater involvement in Ashley Madison may be amplified by their higher level of computer literacy, savvy, and comfort with online dating. Retired people are less likely to use Ashley Madison because the sex ratio within the retirement communities is skewed heavily towards females, many of whom are divorcees and widows. Therefore, men should theoretically have little difficulty finding a partner.

The researchers also found a link between spending on subscriptions and how much a person could act anonymously. For example, living in a city means you can come and go as you please If you're in a small town however, nosey neighbors might start to ask questions. The researchers said their findings supported the theory that religion acted as a protective influence from cheating.

So, now you know what to look out for in a partner: Someone older, poorer, and living in a small town. And, at the very least, with the common sense to use a pseudonym if they're married and looking to have an affair. More: These are the signs your partner is cheating, according to the cheaters themselves. More: These are the most adulterous countries in the world. Posted Thursday 22 December by Jessica Brown in news.

While it was an absolute nightmare for millions of members, it was great news for researchers. The biggest common factor of Ashley Madison users was their wealth. The researchers wrote:. More About Hacking cheating relationships marriage. Log in using your social network account.

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Role of widows in the heterosexual transmission of HIV in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, 1998–2003

Consistency checks during input assure high data quality. Diagnostics-oriented user interface assure quick results. All Images Videos. CANdelaStudio in the development process. Fault memory processing in CANdelaStudio.This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The demographic characteristics of widows, their reported risk behaviours and the prevalence of HIV were examined by analysing a longitudinal population-based cohort of men and women aged 15—54 years in Manicaland, eastern Zimbabwe.

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The results from statistical analyses were used to construct a mathematical simulation model with the aim of estimating the contribution of widow behaviour to heterosexual HIV transmission. Widows were more likely to have high rates of partner change and engage in a pattern of transactional sex than married women.

Widowers took partners who were a median of 10 years younger than themselves. This combined statistical analysis and model simulation suggest that widowhood plays an important role in the transmission of HIV in this rural Zimbabwean population.

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High-risk partnerships may be formed when widowed men and women reconnect to the sexual network. AIDS as the leading cause of death among adults in southern Africa 1 is the major driver of early widowhood, even in areas of low prevalence. Clearly, marriage is only protective against sexually transmitted diseases STDs if it is monogamous and coincides with initiation of sexual activity.

The demographic structure of a population may affect the prevalence of HIV on a number of levels. The probability of forming a sexual partnership with an infected individual depends on the prevalence of HIV. We hypothesise that widowhood and other forms of marriage dissolution may have an impact on transmission by supplying a source of infected individuals in the sexual network. The results from these statistical analyses were used to inform the construction of a mathematical model with the aim of estimating the importance of widow behaviour in the heterosexual transmission of HIV.

Male and female local residents identified in an initial household census were considered eligible for the study. The baseline round of the study was conducted between July and January with the follow-up conducted 3 years later in each site. Men aged 17—54 years and women aged 15—54 years were included in the present analysis. A maximum of one member of each marital group husband and wife or wives, in the case of a polygamous union was selected to participate in order to maximise the power of an embedded randomised controlled trial.

HIV serological testing was performed on dried blood spots using a highly sensitive and specific antibody dipstick assay. Responses to sensitive questions about sexual behaviour were collected using an informal confidential system of voting, where participants wrote responses on slips of paper that they inserted into locked boxes. This technique has been shown to improve the discrepancy between male and female reports of sexual activity. For the purposes of prevalence calculations, the baseline and follow-up survey populations were treated as separate cross-sectional studies.A Draft Protocol for adaptation to specific country, legal, social, cultural and economic situations.

Discrimination against and abuse of WIDOWSof all ages, occurs across a wide spectrum of cultures, religions, ethnic groups, regions, irrespective of the economic or education status of the women subject to this oppression.

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Attitudes to and treatment of widows varies from relatively mild indifference and social exclusion prevalent in some developed countries of the West to extreme mental, physical and sexual torture, and even to murder. In Tanzania, a HelpAged study found that in one year as many as elderly women, mostly widows, were murdered or stoned to death accused of being witches.

In several South Asian communities the vernacular words used for widows mean witch, sorceress, prostitute, whore. In the context of legal rights, whether enshrined in International Law, or in the Constitution and Domestic Law, widows are often beyond the reach of modern statutes, and may, for various reasons, be unable to access the modern justice system in their countries.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of candela

They may be unable to own or dispose of land, and be subject to horrific, degrading and life-threatening traditional practices. This lack of rights leaves the majority of widows in extreme poverty and destitution. Widows and their children are among the poorest of the poor. Not only are they denied their basic human rights, civil, political, social and economic, but their crucial roles in society, in development, in peace building, as sole supporters of their families have not been recognised.

There is a dearth of statistical data or situational analysis of their day-to-day struggles to survive. But change is on the way as widows begin to organise themselves to be agents of CHANGE, lobby for law reforms, are represented in decision-making, and begin to be counted and heard. The plight of widows of war often worsens in the aftermath of conflict, and SCR has failed to address, in any significant way with a few unique exceptions either their immediate or long-term needs.

It also accommodates the consensus arrived at in agreeing the MDGs and other Resolutions and Declarations. The Articles below describe acts and attitudes which are, in most countries, already proscribed under the general principles of international laws ratified by governments. Here they are spelt out specifically.

Any treatment of a widow which differs from the treatment, legally, socially, economically, of a widower shall be deemed to be discriminatory and therefore illegal. Widows shall not be discriminated against, in word or deed. The State is guilty, by omission, of breach of the law, if it implicitly condones discrimination and abuse of the widow by non-state actors, such as family members.

ARTICLE 3 a Anyone who arranges or coerces a widow to participate in harmful traditional practices in the context of funeral and burial rites shall be guilty of the most serious category of crime for example: ritual cleansing through sex; scarification; isolation; restrictions on diet and dress endangering mental and physical health b Anyone who has sexual relations with a widow in the context of funeral and burial rites shall be guilt of Rape, and subject to the maximum penalty.

ARTICLE 5 All appropriate measures shall be taken to eliminate discrimination against widows in the field of employment, in particular: a The right to the same employment opportunities and remuneration as other men and women b It is an offence under the Employment Acts for anyone to dismiss a woman from her employment because she has become a widow and must take some reasonable time off work for the funeral rites is guilty of an offence c It is an offence to refuse to employ a widow because she is wearing mourning clothes d Suitable child-care and elderly care support shall be provided to widows who work outside the home.

ARTICLE 7 a All appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that those dependent on widows — children, other orphans, the old, sick and frail people — are identified that gaps in assistance are filled.

CALLS all actors involved in negotiating and implementing peace agreements to address the special needs of widows and wives of the missing, as required by SCRand ensure the protection of and respect for their human rights. Government will support the establishment of a National Federation of WIDOWS, with clusters and sub-groups in every town and sets of villages so that information on the needs of widows is available and can inform policy making at the national and local level.

Discrimination against and abuse of WIDOWSof all ages, occurs across a wide spectrum of cultures, religions, ethnic groups, regions, irrespective of the economic or education status of the women subject to this oppression Attitudes to and treatment of widows varies from relatively mild indifference and social exclusion prevalent in some developed countries of the West to extreme mental, physical and sexual torture, and even to murder.

ARTICLE 9 Government will support the establishment of a National Federation of WIDOWS, with clusters and sub-groups in every town and sets of villages so that information on the needs of widows is available and can inform policy making at the national and local level. Widows for Peace through Democracy.Many of them have missions. Five small islands comprise a tutorial that teaches the things you need to know to play the game.

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There is also one island, with a giant ghostly "X" on it, which you can shape and mold any way you wish. There is no specific scenario associated with this island. This game introduces agents, who you send about the island in order to carry out your directives. If your agent does not have the right skills to do the job, nothing will happen. Like all Maxis sims, a wide variety of graphs, charts, and maps allow you to plot your progress toward the goal of the scenario.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of candela

Will you turn your island into a tourist trap, suck all the resources out of it, or leave it an unspoiled and pristine haven? It's all up to you. Since the first Sim City, I have always enjoyed Maxis games for their ability to develop highly addictive games. Therefore, you will easily understand that I was very happy when the final version of Sim Isle arrived on my desk. The very first thing you will recognize is the 3D isometric view like in Sim Citybut if you compare the two of them longer, you will notice many differences.

There are no icons representing the various types of buildings and other facilities, but instead you will find photos of the agents that you can select for different tasks. The view can be changed in many ways. There are three levels of zoom from a general panorama of the island to a more appropriate "working" map to closely watch what is going on. This way, you will gradually pass from a flat perspective with a vertical view to a ground-level viewpoint with the kind of perspective that we, humans, are used to when we look around us.

However, the default view is the same as in Sim City which is far the best, and I strongly recommend everyone to keep it like this. If you are curious to see what the island orientation arrows do to your view, check it out, but you will quickly realize that it is not very useful. The satellite view offers a two-dimensional map of the terrain that allows you to visualize many things such as iron and coal deposits, polluted zones, routes, industrial areas, logging spaces, etc The colored legend indicates the zones on the map with the brightest colors for rich deposits or important amounts of pollution or traffic for example, and the contrary for poor deposits.

The other arrows on the interface map are used to pan the view in the direction you want to move, but you can also use the mouse directly on the view by clicking on the right button to advance where you want to go. Well, enough talk about the view and its interface, and let's take a look at the agents.

Each agent has one, two or even three special skills such as negotiation, employment, industrial, local ecology, exploration, etc There are 24 agents to choose from and their choice must be based on your needs as it will cost you money to hire them.

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Each time you play a game, a group of agents will already be at your disposal, but if you prefer new agents, you can fire those you don't like and replace them.Academic journal article Ife Psychologia. This study examined the psychological implications of Bereavement on some selected Widows and Widowers in Oyo Town, Nigeria.

The descriptive survey design was used while sample was selected using simple random sampling technique out of the target population.

The questionnaire has two sections. Section A contained the biographical data while Section B has 20 items rated in four Likert tail. The Reliability Co-efficient was 0. Three Hypotheses were drawn and tested at 0. The three hypotheses were significant while a mean difference were noticed among the variables.

In conclusion, it was found that bereavement is associated with various experiences which needed to be monitored by psychological experts. Loosing someone who is closer during the middle life may be too challenging and frustrating. During the Middle life, many people experience a severe bereavement, sometimes through the loss of one or both parents. In some cases, loosing partners, children or relatives through illness or diseases can be traumatic most time.

Perhaps because of this, death is often regarded as an unthinkable event which people dislike talking about. At times, to talk about death, it is often regarded to as psychologically unhealthy.

In some cases, when people fail to acknowledge death, it increases and sometimes magnifies the distress those bereaved experienced.

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Parkes found that widows consulted their doctors more often in the first six months after bereavement than they had done before. This is so because emotional turmoil takes its physical toll on them than it is better imagined. Parkes showed that Widows and widowers were ten times as likely to die themselves in the year immediately following bereavement.

Parkes, Benjamin and Fitzgerald in a related study found that the death usually occur through selfneglect, suicide of one form or the another, or as a result of cardiac illness accompanied with some stress. Similarly, in a study, Parkes and Weiss discovered that grief is normally associated with bereavement.

In this study, it was found that grief could either be normal or abnormal. Normal grief follows three phases which include denial, pining and depression. In addition, bereaved persons express disbelief that the death has really happened, refusing to see it as real. It is a common reaction in people who have been bereaved through accidents to remark that it took them some time before they could believe that it had actually happen because it seems to be a little unreal to people when they are first told about it.

The bereaved person also longs for the other intensely and can become veiy restless and fidgety. It involves a certain amount of unconscious searching for the dead person and often at this time, they will think they have caught a fleeting glimpse of the lost person in a crowd or at a distance.

When this happens, they can become very worried, thinking that they may be hallucinating or losing their grip on reality. Sanders stated that the reaction to bereavement is influenced by the relationship the bereaved person had to the person who died, and the way that person died. The bereaved person might feel numb or unreal and this change in reality can feel scaiy and isolating.

It may be helpful to seek the advice and support of a guidance Counsellor during this time. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while.

Read preview. Read preview Overview. Roberts Lawrence Erlbaum Associates,

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