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Torque wrench set price philippines

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Stanley Torque Wrench

Wrenches come in different shapes and sizes for a variety of jobs. Adjustable wrenches allow you to open or close the jaw depending on the fastener you are trying to tighten. This type of wrench is also great for use in tight spaces. The pipe wrench can be self-tightened and has serrated jaws to grip pipe and pipe fittings more securely. Flat wrenches often come in different sizes to fit a variety of fasteners to match whatever fastening job you have.

To learn more about wrenches check out our wrenches learning guide. Need help? Call I am interested in: check all that apply.

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Hand tools have become an important part of every house, as they assist you in carrying out various home improvement or repairing tasks without seeking any professional help. A Wrench is one such mechanical tool that can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from the fastening of nuts or bolts to fixing water pipes or any other components in the house that need to be fixed instantly.

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Also known as spanners in some parts of the world, these handy and portable tools can be seen in an abundance of designs and sizes, to ensure that each individual equips their toolbox with exactly the kind of wrench he has been looking for. Moreover, whether you wish to obtain any specific type of wrench or you want to explore the complete sets, there are multiple options at your disposal.

Over the years, the manufacturers have developed wrenches that are lightweight, easy to use, and require a lesser amount of force to tighten or loosen a bolt. Also, these are designed ergonomically and allow you to maneuver them with ultimate ease.

While browsing through the wide collection, you can find the most commonly used open-ended wrenches that have U-shaped openings on both ends. These are mainly used for accessing and turning nuts and bolts that are sometimes difficult to access.

Similarly, a box wrench has enclosed ring openings on both ends and is used for rotating the nuts. Also, while purchasing, you can find the rings of these wrenches in different sizes to let you select the one that meets your purpose.

Furthermore, regardless of the type of Wrench you select, all of them are made of chrome-vanadium steel or other tough materials that can survive rough handling. Wrenches are excellent tools that come in handy for various purposes as from fixing a tap in your bathroom to repairing something in your car, they have become must-haves in every toolkit. People who are in search of a wrench that comes with high flexibility can opt for adjustable wrenches. The size of the opening of such tools is not fixed and as they can be applied to nuts and bolts of varied sizes.

Many of such adjustable pieces have been specially designed to work on soft iron pipes and fittings that are round in shape. Also, the jaws of these variants are more like saws and can be mainly used for the plumbing jobs. Alongside these, the allen is another popular variant that has a hexagonal end and comes with a T or L-shaped handle.

These Wrenches operate in the way similar to screwdrivers and are compatible with the nuts or bolts that have hexagonal recesses in them.

Next in the line is the torque wrench that provides a specific amount of torque or force to prevent over-tightening of the nut-bolt assembly. These are primarily used in the automobile parts that require only a precise level of force.

To install or fix the sparkplugs in your cars or motorcycle, there is a specialty wrench that has a circular opening on both ends. Therefore, apart from these, you have multiple other varieties of wrenches that are required for different repairing jobs. Please check your phone for the download link.

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Track my order. Wrenches items found in Wrenches. Mini Y Wrench size 10 12 Stanley Hex Allen Wrench 9pc Set 1. The solution to all your problems with taps, valves, pipes, lines, radiators, boilers, wheels, etc. Flyman 24 Pcs. Flyman 9 Pcs. Tolsen Adjustable Wrench mm, 8inch Deep Socket 14mm 6 pts. Made in Japan. Related Categories. Seller Picks. The Wrench: A Must-Have Tool in Every House Hand tools have become an important part of every house, as they assist you in carrying out various home improvement or repairing tasks without seeking any professional help.

Wrenches: Available in a Multitude of Designs and Sizes Wrenches are excellent tools that come in handy for various purposes as from fixing a tap in your bathroom to repairing something in your car, they have become must-haves in every toolkit. Contact Us.From plumbers to mechanics, wrenches are a helpful tool for small repairs as well as big projects like installing a solar panel Philippines.

A wrench would always be something you need so make sure you have one in your toolbox! Check out the best wrenches from the biggest brands in the Philippines or read more about the many types of wrenches below.

A wrench is a type of tool used for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts by applying torque. A wrench can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the job it's meant to do. However, if you're an all-around fixer-upper, here are five wrenches that you should have in your toolbox:.

This type of wrench is the most common type of wrench that you would see on your dad's toolbox. Created for tightening and loosening bolts or nuts, an open-end wrench has a U-shaped opening on both ends in different sizes. An open-end wrench is flat which makes it easier to fit in nuts and bolts within tight or small spaces.

Another characteristic that makes an open-end wrench unique is the degree angle of the head from the handle which allows for greater range of movement. Another type of wrench that you can see in most toolboxes today, a combination wrench is a combination of two tools in one.

On one end, you have a wrench and the other is a box-end wrench which looks like a grooved ring. A combination wrench comes in a variety of sizes with each piece having the same size. A combination wrench is a multi-purpose tool that you can use to tighten and loosen bolts as well as gain leverage and a firm grip by using the other end. If you've ever built furniture, then this wrench is something you're familiar with.

An Allen wrench is either a T or L-shaped with hexagonal ends to match the openings of different bolts and screws. This type of wrench is mostly used for piecing together furniture or for small nuts and bolts.

torque wrench set price philippines

An Allen wrench can also come in a variety of sizes and are usually sold in sets. Otherwise known as a ratchet wrench, socket wrenches have a similar function as a box-end wrench with a detachable socket or a hollow cylinder where the nut or bolt goes in for tightening or loosening. Socket wrenches have a detachable head that you can use for objects of different sizes. It is an efficient tool that can be used in several angles thanks to its rotating sockets.

Perhaps one of the most useful wrenches on this list, an adjustable wrench is a flexible tool that can fit any size of nuts and bolts. Instead of replacing the head like in a socket wrench or finding the right size in your set of open-end wrench, an adjustable wrench simply adapts to the size of the nut or bolt accurately.

As awesome as it is, an adjustable wrench tends to slip easily when used with too much force.

Wrenches Price List February 2021 - Philippines

If you are looking for the best wrenches, be sure to check out brands like Irwin Toolsand Mr. Tools 60, Products. Wrenches Price List February - Philippines. Pipe Wrenches. Show results.For any other inquiries, Click here.

torque wrench set price philippines

Stanley Wrench: Offers Grip and Performance You may not be a specialized plumber or a carpenter; however you need certain tools always at your service. These power tools enable you to perform a wide range of functions in your daily life.

One such tool is a wrench. A wrench is basically a tool that is used to gain grip and other mechanical advantages while you apply torque to turn any objects such as nuts, bolts and other rotator fasteners. You will find a wide variety of wrenches in the market suitable for a wide variety of applications. Each pattern and type plays a unique function. While some are crafted to work for metric applications, others are intended to work along with standard fasteners.

The color coding on some of these tools help you to quickly identify whether it is for metric or standard. Stanley Wrench is one of the most popular wrenches in the world. The company established over years ago has always remained synonymous with innovation, quality, reliability and value. The brand manufactures an array of tools for all types of workers; an amateur installing a wall fan to a professional person framing new homes. Apart from Stanley Wrenches, you will find a multitude of tools as offered by the brand.

This includes automotive tools, a variety of hammers like sledge hammer, anti vibe hammers, etc. The brand uses latest the cutting edge technology and constantly upgrades it to build the Stanley Wrench along with other tools. Apart from tightening and loosing bolts and nuts, some of them are also designed to work in tight spaces.

The Stanley Wrenches are manufactured so as to provide people with superior grip.

torque wrench set price philippines

The company has created a reputation for excellence and has continuously remained dedicated to quality testing as well as improving their products to ensure optimum quality as well as maximum function. Stanley Wrenches include a variety of nut wrenches, combination wrenches, ratcheting adjustable wrenches, cushion grip wrench, straight pipe wrench along with multiple combinations set.

These wrenches have full polish and chrome finish which prevents them from corrosion. These increases their durability and longevity. All these wrenches are manufactured as per the standard industry specifications. Also you will find a certain amount of warranty period on these wrenches as provided by the brand.

The brand is also committed to accentuate the sustainability of their operations, products, customers, communities and suppliers. Why choose the Stanley Wrenches? Stanley Wrenches are manufactured using superior technology to provide people with superior experience.

Stanley Wrench is designed as per the industry standards which ensure their safety and durability. The brand focuses in achieving sustainability in all their domains. The brand offers you with a variety of wrenches. Please check your phone for the download link.

Track my order. Stanley Wrench items found for " Stanley " in Wrenches. Stanley Hex Allen Wrench 9pc Set 1.

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Our trip to Iceland was one of the best organized and most enjoyable. Nordic anticipated almost all of our questions with their extensive information package. And for those that they didn't anticipate, Larus answered them promptly.

We so much enjoyed our trip to Iceland that we're looking forward to a return visit in a future summer and will definitely used Nordic Visitor again. Everything about this tour was perfect. It would not be an overstatement to say it was one of the top travel experiences of my life.

torque wrench set price philippines

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Furthermore, all the accommodations were lovely and comfortable. We thoroughly enjoyed all the recommended activities and the stress-free aspect of the self guided driving tour.

Torque Wrench Ph

We really had no idea what to expect with Iceland but were overwhelmed with the beauty of the country. Whether we were doing an activity or just driving, there was so much beautiful scenery to take in. Overall, we are certainly impressed with the quality of service that we received throughout the process and are planning on making a return visit in the winter months.

You provide a good service to people like us who come from so far away and don't know how to get accommodation etc. We decided to go to Greenland because we saw a blog on your website written by Alexandra who had been there herself.

Stanley Pipe Wrench

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